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Carrie Campbell, with her warm good nature, organized mind, and crystal clear instruction is a natural teacher. She leaves you feeling nourished, stronger and healthier at the end of every hour together. And then you just want more; more Carrie, more Pilates, more knowledge about how your body works, more LIFE! Carrie Campbell is simply put, a great pilates instructor.
- Laura Linney, Actress
Carrie provides each of her students positive, individual attention, and truly makes you feel so good about yourself at the end of each class. You know you are going to get an intense workout, but at the same time have fun. Carrie diversifies her classes each week to keep the students engaged, and all with a smile on her face! I would highly, highly recommend trying one of her classes, you will be hooked!
- Benee Meade, Special Events Manager, Calvin Klein, Inc.
Carrie was my very first teacher trainer at Power Pilates and she set the bar quite high. She taught me the discipline of classical Pilates, the importance of each exercise and the need for flow in a workout. She has a magnificent eye for corrections and listens to her clients. Not only is Carrie a wealth of knowledge in the Pilates method as a whole but she is also a specialist and passionate about pre and postnatal Pilates. Carrie's enthusiasm for teaching her clients and her trainees is intoxicating!

-Jennifer Damsky, Professional Dancer and Owner of Pilates 500
I was introduced to Carrie by another Pilates instructor who moved to London and she assured me that I would be in good hands. I knew after the first mat class with her that I'd be her client for life! I have worked out with Carrie for over 10 years and I can honestly say that no two workouts have ever been the same. She amazes me with her flawless transitions and her creative ability to mix classic Pilates with other exercises. Carrie knows each and every client's name, their past and present injuries, as well as their family life. She's attentive when teaching small and large groups and will personally praise you even though your Open Leg Rocker is not perfect. :) I am in my early forties and when someone compliments me on how great of shape I'm in, I give full credit to the teachings of Carrie Campbell.

-Melissa Cacha, owner of DOUGH & BATTER
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