In Person Classes
Tower Classes
Tower classes are based on classical mat work, but add spring resistance for an extra challenge. This 50 minute class is ideal for students of all levels! Modifications will be given to more beginner students and variations will be given to more advanced students. Through a system of springs and bars, the Tower supports the body to ensure proper stabilization and form, while providing added resistance for strengthening, toning and lengthening muscles. Clients often find that Tower classes allow them to go deeper into their Pilates practice and they advance to the next level even faster. A COVID waiver and temperature check is required every time you visit the studio. Masks and socks are mandatory. There is a deep cleaning of apparatus between each class with medical grade sanitizer. To reduce traffic in the studio, arrive 5min before your class starts dressed and ready to go (no dressing rooms due to COVID).

Classes held at Core Pilates NYC:
900 Broadway, Suite 401, NYC, NY

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am

Single Class: $40

Corporate Group Mat Classes
Too busy to get to the Pilates studio? We will come to you!

Office life can be harsh on the mind, body and spirit. Corporate group mat classes are designed to promote health and wellness in the workplace, relieve stress and improve team morale. We will strengthen your core, work on posture and stretch the muscle groups that get tight from sitting at a desk all while having fun. Offering Pilates in your workplace is a great incentive for employees to work harder, increase efficiency and stay healthy. Pilates can be an energizing start to your day, a restorative break at lunch time or a great way to end your day. A conference room can easily convert into a Pilates room by pushing aside tables and chairs and rolling out mats. This class can be done as a weekly ongoing service or as a one time special event. Pricing depends on location, class size and if we need to supply mats and/or props. A minimum of 5 students is recommended.

Prices vary depending on class size and location.
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