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Carrie Campbell is a former professional ballet dancer who discovered Pilates in 1994 during her physical therapy. Instantly captivated, she has consistently embraced Pilates ever since. Achieving comprehensive certification through Power Pilates NYC in 1998 marked a pivotal moment in her journey. In 2003, she transitioned into being a teacher of teachers, guiding aspiring instructors through numerous Teacher Training courses and Continuing Education workshops in the United States and abroad.

In 2016, Carrie took on the role of Lead Teacher Trainer with the Teacher Training team at Core Pilates NYC, further contributing to the development of new Pilates instructors. Additionally, she manages her own business, Positively Pilates LLC, and rents space at Core for her operations. Based in NYC and NJ, Carrie teaches clients both in-person and virtually, showcasing her dedication to the practice.

Beyond Pilates, Carrie finds joy in various pursuits. Whether she's cooking, hiking, running, attending the theater, or enthusiastically cheering on her two teenage kids at their numerous sporting events, she brings a dynamic and active spirit to her life.

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